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Selecting the Right Hotwire for Your Specific EPS Application

Whitepaper – February 2016

Gateway Precision Technologies, LLC “Gateway”, a Hunkar Technologies’ Company, has been providing premium hotwire and related componentry to the EPS industry for over 30 years. Recently, there has been industry discussion about the benefits of using certain narrow gauge hotwire diameters and this white paper seeks to clarify the important aspects of why utilizing only high quality hotwire and only utilizing the proper wire diameter are both critical to maximizing the performance and efficiency of any EPS processing application.

Too often of late, operators are choosing, in an earnest attempt to save their company money, the cheapest wire they can find and in the smallest diameter produced. Frequently these wire products can be found on websites of upstart companies whose personnel have little knowledge or experience in the EPS Industry. Cheaply made hotwire often wears quickly resulting in less processing up time.  Choosing too narrow a wire diameter such as .010 can result in excessive breakage, slower run speeds, insufficient heat conductivity and greater energy use in EPS processing non- batch continuous environments. In addition, applications where substantial regrind is used in block formulation, narrow wire diameters can result in excessive breakage due to unusually strong product cellular characteristics making the product blocks somewhat more resistant to hotwire cutting. This characteristic can be particularly relevant in slabbing and down cutting applications.

The following are Gateway’s technical recommendations for hotwire diameters based on machinery selected and applicable EPS industry applications:

Slabbers or Short Wires on a Down Cutter. Wire length less than 60”                .012 or .014 Dia.          2.75” Spring
Contour Cutters with Wires less than 144”                                                           .014 Dia.                        2.75” Spring
Contour Cutters with Wires less than 60”                                                             .012 or .014 Dia.           2.75” Spring
Down Cutters with Long Wires less than 144”                                                      .014 Dia.                        4.00” Spring
Down Cutters with Long Wires greater than 144”                                                 .014-.020 Dia.               4.00” Spring
Gateway Gp-11000 Autowire Slabber                                                                     .012-.014 Dia.               2.00” Spring
Gateway Gp-2103 Autowire Down Cutter Short Wire                                             .012-.014 Dia.               2.75” Spring
Gateway Gp-2103 Autowire Down Cutter Long Wire                                              .014-.018 Dia.               2.75” Spring

Gateway offers and recommends only the highest quality hotwire, support springs and related EPS processing componentry to its clients. Please contact us today to help you select the Gateway hotwire that best maximizes the operating performance and profitability of your specific EPS process application.

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Gateway Precision Technologies acquired by Hunkar Technologies, Inc.

December 21, 2011

Today, Hunkar Packaging Inc., (“Hunkar”) a subsidiary of Hunkar Technologies, Inc., announced that it has acquired certain assets of Gateway Precision Technologies (“Gateway”) based in Holland, Michigan.

Gateway is a premier supplier of computer controlled standard and special foam processing equipment and systems.  Gateway also is an industry leader in a great many other custom manufacturing equipment environments that utilize Gateway’s comprehensive engineering capabilities, complete machine control building refurbishment and repair capabilities, top flight field and installation support and full inventory of production consumables and wear parts.

Mr. David Sokol has joined Hunkar as the  senior leader of Gateway, ensuring long time Gateway clients that the  support, engineering and product quality they have come to expect is equalled or exceeded under the ownership of Hunkar.  Eric R. Thiemann, President of Hunkar Technologies stated: “We are extremely excited to have Mr. Dave Sokol and his team joining us at Hunkar.  As a 50 year old manufacturing technology Company, we at Hunkar fully understand and appreciate both the importance and complexity of building reliable, cost effective, state of the art manufacturing systems that produce long term savings results and global competitive advantages for our clients. Dave and all the people connected with Gateway clearly embody this same mission. It is our hope that Gateway clients will immediately benefit from this acquisition through the additional support resourses we are dedicating to Gateway as well as exposure to other critical automation and information solutions developed by Hunkar that help businesses achieve their true potential.”

For more information please contact:
Mr. David Sokol at 616-786-2290 or Mr. Eric Rulli at 859-431-0060.

Hunkar Technologies is a diversified global automation equipment and systems manufacturer and supplier of machine controls and sensors, automated label applicators, packaging systems, data management and bar code equipment, inventory and asset tracking systems, programming services, engineered proprietary material handling and production equipment and related close tolerance custom design and metal fabrication services.