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Gateway Precision Services has all the Services, Cutting Wire, Parts, Technology and Training to keep your
Gateway EPS Machines and Controls running like new!

  • 'Ultimate' Cutting Wire, Springs, and other Spare Parts

    -NEVER RUN OUT- Gateway stocks most diameters of Cutting and Hot Wire and wear parts.

    - Eliminate backlash and enable perfect part contour cutting. Decrease
    waste, enhance part yields and increase cutting speeds.

    - Improved electronic component reliability coupled with easy to
    operate Windows based software deliver greater production uptime and faster/simpler operator programming.

    - Enable fast production of Spindles, Columns, Caps,
    Bases and Complex Custom 3 Dimensional Shapes. Expand your production by turning your 2 axis contour
    cutter into a 3 Axis System without buying a new machine.

    -Dramatically reduces expensive energy consumption.
    "GREEN" PSC'S automatically turn on Wires on Machines when material is present and turn off when material
    is not present.

    -Let a Gateway Technician train your operators to get the most out of your EPS
    Machines i.e. higher part yields, faster/more accurate programming, early process problem detection education,
    wear issue monitoring, faster part development and prototyping.

    -Controller Cards, Servo Drives, Servo Motors, Controller Fuses, Linear Bearings,
    Rails, Springs and Center Drive Gears-Avoid surprise downtime and costly replacement of linear shafting by
    periodically replacing the above items.

    -Gateway offers complete Machine Installation, Machine/Controller Retrofits, Group Training,
    Diagnostic Analysis, Telephone Support, Custom Machine Design and Engineering
    Quotes on Mechanical Systems & Electrical Control

Gateway 'Ultimate' High Strength Cutting Hot Wire

Gateway’s 'Ultimate' High Strength Wire is the highest performing EPS foam cutting wire offered on the market today.  Gateway’s 'Ultimate' Wire has exceptional strength at elevated temperatures and is widely used on production lines cutting expanded polystyrene (EPS), thermal laminate materials, etc.

By utilizing Gateway ‘Ultimate Wire’ you will experience:

  • Fewer Wire Breaks, Lasting Far Longer than Conventional Wire
  • High Precision Cuts with Low Burnout
  • Less Thermal Expansion Provides Longer Buss Bar and Wire Life
  • Minimizes Down Time Changing Broken Wires
  • Faster Cutting Rates
  • Higher Heat Range Capabilities
  • Increased Productivity and Improved Efficiencies

Gateway’s 'Ultimate' Wire is packaged in convenient one pound shrink wrapped spools and is backed by a Certificate of Conformity and Chemical Analysis.  Gateway has served the Domestic and International markets for cutting hot wire since 1962.

Gateway stocks .012, .014, .018, and .020 diameter wire.  Additional diameter wire sizes and lengths are available upon request. 
Gateway also stocks accessories such as s-hooks and springs for your foam cutting process. 

To place your wire order contact:  or call us at 859-431-0060 ext 101 and mention this flyer to receive twelve (12) 2-3/4” springs at no cost with your order for Gateway’s 'Ultimate' High Strength Cutting Hot Wire.  (Offer is available for a limited time only.) 

GP-1000 "Cutting Edge" Power Supply

GP-1000 ‘Cutting Edge’ Power Supply

  • 1,2,3 Output Configurations
  • Variable Temperature Controls
  • Capacities to 100 wires
  • 120vac, 240vac, 480vac, 600vac Input Voltages Available
  • Transformer Coupled
  • Optional Digital or Analog Voltage Displays
  • Custom Designed to Your Needs
  • GFI Protected

Features listed may not be standard on all models - Single Output Illustrated

GP-PC11 CNC Controller Retrofit

GP-PC11 CNC Controller Retrofit

  • Multiple Axis Controller with Circular Interpolation (1-5 axis)
  • Current Technology Computer (processor speed may vary)
  • Windows - Pre-Installed
  • CNC Software - supports industry standard "G / M code"
  • Encoder and I/O Breakout Boards
  • 0-10vdc Axis Command Signal
  • Complete Control Systems
  • Servo, Stepper Amplifiers
  • Pre-wired Motor Cable Assemblies
  • Monitor - LCD
  • Keyboard with Integrated Touch Pad
  • Custom Control Systems to Your Specification

Features listed may not be standard on all models